“…A well-produced straight-ahead set of instrumentals with a definite New York kind of vibe, contemporary jazz doesn’t get a whole lot better than Yugen, by pianist/composer Glafkos Kontemeniotis.”–Robert Silverstein, Roots Music Report October 2019

“Kontemeniotis crafts a beautiful session with “beauty” being the operative word.”–Edward Blanco, All About Jazz, November 2019

“Kontemeniotis proves that he’s an under-recognized force of jazz to be reckoned with. For Kontemeniotis has accomplished one of those sought-after results of a jazz trio: instantaneous energy freely and synaptically exchanged in milliseconds of anticipation, recognition and elaboration. The result: empathy that leads to distinctive cohesion and a unified sound.”— JAZZREVIEW.COM June 2010

“No ordinary trio recording, ‘Progress’ documents an especially sensitive performance from an exceptional pianist in Glafkos Kontemeniotis who succeeds in making an elegant musical statement”.—EJAZZNEWS May 2010

“The CD ‘Progress’ by pianist/composer Glafkos Kontemeniotis is a wonderful project filled with writing that truly reflects his unique voice as a composer. ‘Anthorozyte’, ‘Progress’ and ‘All About Monk’ are compositions that will truly give the listener great insight into the creative gifts of this emerging talent.”—Anthony Branker

“‘All About Monk’ juxtaposes melody with an odd chord here and there – very fun. Kontemeniotis gives it a bounce. His playing is fluid and unpredictable – the reason we like jazz” —Victory Review Magazine February 2012

“Kontemeniotis’ music is unmistakably personal, derived from a style that flows from his own personality”—JAZZREVIEW.COM June 2010

“Glafkos plays with an unpretentious directness and clarity. Rhythmically crisp and articulate arrangements, performed with ease and swing make this a debut CD that distinguishes itself beautifully.”—Arturo O’Farrill

“Shaping the majority of these 14 tracks in tandem with pianist and arranger Glafkos Kontemeniotis (a name I’d never previously heard but, after this, want to hear a lot more from)…”—JazzTimes June 2007

“Kontemeniotis on piano is absolutely stunning and his solo on this tune made you not want it to end. Kontemeniotis also arranges the songs allowing Hall’s true essence to be brought to each song…Kudos to Kontemeniotis and the band.”JazzImprovNY July 2008